Application and maintenance

Application of Fungi Force (the Biofinish)

The application and processing of the Biofinish is relatively simple. The natural black wood finish consists of two components, of which the Biofinish is applied first. After drying, another layer could be applied to obtain a darker color. In a second step the oil finish is applied to provide nutrients for the fungus and complete the process.

The different steps are explained below.

Pre-treatment of the wood

The Biofinish can be applied to dry and untreated wood. Preferably the wood surface to be treated should be rough-sawn or at least provide a slightly rough surface to improve adhesion of the coating. Applying the Biofinish on a too smooth (e.g. planed or polished) surface will result in a less dark color. Also the wood should be dry as the application of Fungi Force on wet wood prolongs the drying time. A not dried Biofinish might be rinsed off by the rain. It is advisable to remove fist dust , sand, or other impurities with a brush.

Application of the Biofinish

Before using the Biofinish, you should stir the undiluted Biofinish well. Dilution will result in a lighter color, therefore we advise to use Fungi Force undiluted. Preferably use a fur roller for application. Optionally, the fungi solution can also be applied with a large brush depending on what works best for the job. The Biofinish moves directly into the wood. The biofinish should be applied in a THIN layer as the application of a thicker layer does not positively affect the biofinish. A thicker layer makes it more difficult for the fungus to attach itself to the wood. If a darker color is wanted, two thin layers work better and as mentioned earlier the surface of the wood should be slightly rough, preferably rough-sawn.

Do not apply Fungi Force below 10° C or during rainy weather.

It is usually sufficient to apply one layer of the Biofinish. Because the fungal solution is a living coating and is not fully mature at the beginning, it turns deeper black after some time (especially when another layer of linseed oil is applied which stimulates growth of the fungus). This can easily take up to 6 months, depending on the climate conditions. Do you immediately want a deep black cover? Then you can apply a second THIN and, if desired, a third THIN layer of biofinish. Let every layer of biofinish dry for at least 24 hours. During the application of the different layers, further treatment of the wood, such as sanding, is not necessary.

Application of the oil finish

Finally, a thin layer of oil finish is applied. Before oil application allow the fungi layer to dry for at least 24 hours. The oil finish can best be applied with a paint roller. After applying the oil finish, the treatment is finished and when the oil is dry, the wood is immediately protected against weather influences. Also, most harmful fungi do not have access to the wood.

Maintenance of the Biofinish

Every year the biofinish should be checked and provided with an linseed oil layer if the color has faded. The fungus has in that case not sufficient nutrients, which are provided by the linseed oil. The linseed oil can easily be applied with a paint roller.

Cleaning the tools

Both the biofinish and the oilfinish contain no harmful chemicals and therefore tools with water and green soap can be cleaned.

Convinced of Fungi Force?

Fungi Force is now being produced on a small scale in the Netherlands. This means that availability is limited. Fungi Force is available in cans of 0.75 l and 2.5 l. Good for approximately 6m2 or 20m2 of wood to be treated.

If you are interested in Fungi Force, please contact us.