How it works!
The functioning of FUNGI FORCE

Fungi Force is an environmentally friendly way to protect wood against various weather conditions. Depending on the durability of a wood species, it ages due to contact with water and sunlight. In the long run, every type of wood rot and eventually decays. By protecting the wood the lifespan is extended for many years. With Fungi Force, wood is sustainably protected in a 100% natural way.

Natural wood protection

Fungi Force protects Aureobasidium pullulans based on naturally occurring harmless fungus. This adheres to the wood and thus forms a matte black solid protective layer against harmful UV-light from the sun. This protective layer also prevents any harmful fungi from the wood.

Nutrition for the fungus is natural linseed oil, which is also applied to the wood after the fungus has been applied. This oil is also moisturizing and protects the wood against the effects of moisture. Simple, 100% natural and effective, that is Fungi Force.

Fungi Force is applied to untreated wood. About a week after application of the fungus layer and the natural linseed oil Fungi Force has attached itself to the wood and the protective layer is dry and does not give off. Processing in dry weather and temperatures above 10 ° C.

A real bio stain

Fungi Force is a 100% organic stain or bio stain. It consists of two separate components. On the one hand a biological water-based mould solution and on the other hand natural linseed oil. Both are 100% natural and contain no harmful chemicals. Wood treated with Fungi Force may also be used in the organic waste bin. Fungi Force is, therefore, a real bio stain and ensures 100% natural wood protection.

Maintenance Fungi Force

Fungi Force requires hardly any maintenance. Annual post-treatment with the oil finish. natural linseed oil to feed the fungus and keep it nice and black is sufficient. After a few years, this maintenance can even take place every other year.

Fungi Force is self-healing. This means that minor damage such as cracks and scratches are repaired by the living mould layer itself. Updating is not necessary.

Benefits Fungi Force

  • Beautiful deep matte black color
  • Easy to apply, no surface preparation required
  • Simple and low maintenance
  • Very durable, prolongs the lifespan of outdoor wood with many years
  • Easy to update, with no color difference
  • Self-healing for minor damage
  • 100% natural materials.

Convinced by Fungi Force?

Fungi Force is now being produced on a small scale in the Netherlands. This means that availability is limited. Fungi Force is available in cans of 0.75 l and 2.5 l. Good for approximately 6m2 or 20m2 of wood to be treated.

If you are interested in Fungi Force, please contact us.