Stain your fence black!

The most important reason for staining garden wood, such as a fence, garden house or garden furniture, is to protect the wood against all kind of weather influences. This considerably extends the life of the wood. In addition, black stain gives a beautiful deep black matt transparent cover so that the structure of the wood remains visible. Stain also ensures that the wood can continue to breathe thanks to the open structure. A lot of good reasons for staining garden wood black.

But are you going for a transparent black fence or an opaque black stain? Water-based or turpentine-based? Or do you opt for an environmentally friendly black stain without chemical additives? We would like to explain to you what to look out for if you stain your fence black.

Opaque or transparent black stain

If you want to pickle a fence black, you can opt for a transparent black stain or opaque black stain. The advantage of the transparent black stain is that the grain and structure of the wood remain visible and the fence gets a nice matt black colour and retains its natural appearance. If you use an opaque black stain, you do not see the veins and structure, or hardly any. The advantage of the opaque stain is that there is more protection than with a normal transparent black stain. Most stains protect garden wood for 2 to 5 years.

Terpentine or water-based

Black stain is available in a water-based version and a turpentine-based version. For staining garden wood, both a water-based stain and a turpentine-based stain can be used. Indoors only a water-based stain is recommended. Stain on turpentine base is more durable than water-based stain. Also, turpentine-based stains are easier to process because they dry more slowly and therefore flow easier. Water-based stain, on the other hand, is quick-drying, more elastic and much better for the environment.

But if you want to do something good for the environment, go for water-based black bio-stain that is 100% natural and contain no harmful chemicals. More about that later.

Pre-treatment wood

When you pick a fence in a traditional way in black, the surface should be free of grease. Thorough cleaning and degreasing of the fence are therefore desirable. Wipe off with soap and water, before you continue, you have to wait until the wood is fully dry. You can also use thinner or ammonia, which evaporates faster, but it is not good for the environment and can discolour the wood. To allow the stain to adhere better, some sanding is desirable. Use fine sandpaper to minimize scratches because they remain visible with transparent black stains. Finally, dusting is of great importance. Dust hinders the stain when it is attached. For this, you can use a normal household brush.

With traditional stains, you have to repeat this cycle every 2 to 5 years. However, there is a black stain that is 100% natural and that can be applied to untreated wood. So start pickling immediately. You only need to treat this bio stain with natural linseed oil. Once a year or every two years, depending on the exposure of your fence to the elements.

Environmentally friendly stain

Is there an environmentally friendly stain? Does that exist? Almost all stains are now less environmentally harmful than years ago. For example, a water-based stain is a lot more environmentally friendly than a stain on the basis of turpentine. Water-based stains have stricter ecological requirements and contain fewer harmful substances. Unfortunately, however, almost all stains, including the water-based stains, still contain many chemicals, biocides, additives and/or metal salts. These are added for all kind of reasons such as better adhesion to the wood, faster drying, repelling of harmful fungi, processing at lower temperatures and more UV protection. The more durable the stain makes the wood, the more chemicals are added to the stain. Of course, all these additions are not good for the environment and our health. It is not for nothing that a normal stain should be put at small chemical waste. Fortunately, there is an alternative. A 100% natural black stain without chemicals…

Fungi Force, black natural stain

Fungi Force is the first fully organic and 100% environmentally friendly natural stain. It gives wood a beautiful natural matte black transparent cover and it offers 100% environmentally friendly protection of garden wood. Fungi Force is very durable and protects fences and other garden wood for many years. The stain can easily be applied to untreated wood, requires little maintenance and is self-repairing in case of minor damage. Read more about how Fungi Force works! So if you want to stain your fence, garden shed or garden furniture black, think about the environment and the health and use Fungi Force.