Fungi Force oilfinish (1l for 6m2)



These cans of Fungi Force oilfinish contain 1 liters of oil finish to treat approximately 6 m2 of wood with oil and to protect it for many years.

PAY ATTENTION! Only to be used in combination with Fungi Force biofinish.

The application of Fungi Force is very simple. The two components are applied one after another with a paint roller on untreated wood. The wood does not have to be sanded, degreased or undergo any other treatment.

Fungi Force is safe for people and nature. The natural stain gives the wood a nice matte black colour. It protects outdoor wood for many years and is the environmentally-friendly alternative to impregnating, simply staining or painting, among other things, fences, pergolas, garden sheds, playground equipment, canopy, doors and frames, façade cladding, garden furniture and other outdoor wood.



Benefits Fungi Force natural stain

  • Beautiful deep transparent black matte cover
  • Easy to apply, no surface preparation required
  • Simple and low maintenance
  • Very durable, prolongs the lifespan of outdoor wood with many years
  • Easy to update, with no color difference
  • Self-healing for minor damage
  • Does not page
  • Hardly discoloration
  • 100% natural materials, safe for people and nature

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Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg